Lilly Pulitzer inspired Christmas – erin condren free printable

Here is the last Christmas themed spread I made for the year. Again, it’s inspired by what got me interested in using planners in the first place…Lilly Pulitzer.

I wanted to create a mix of stickers that were both Christmassy and not at the same time. think I found some pretty nice ones.

Happy Holidays!

lilly pulitzer xmas


Pink Head Hello Kitty – Erin Condren Free Printable

I have a feeling that one of the things that got me interested in Tarina Tarantino in the first place, was the fact that she created a range featuring Hello Kitty and her trademark pink hair.

I think I was pretty late in the game in discovering that Hello Kitty existed – not that I’m hugely into collecting the stuff per se, but I do like how the stuff looks. I’m also in something of a friendly competition with a couple of my friends in who can find the weirdest object with Hello Kitty on it…

pink head tarina

The Nutcracker Suite – Erin Condren free printable stickers

Aside from the dreaded The Sound of Music (my mum watches this so much every year I can put on a one-man show), December for me, always means The Nutcracker Suite. I do love the ballet, but my all-time favorite version has to be the one in the original Disney’s Fantasia.

Part of what kept me doing ballet lessons for so long when I was little was due to how much I loved the Sugar Plum Fairy. I think she’s the reason why we have so many fairy themed pictures at Christmas!

NB: I’ve been repeatedly asked re printing for the sizes. 1) download/save pic 2) print on a4, borderless option (but NOT fit the image to paper)


Lilly Pulitzer Inspired – Erin Condren boxes – free printable stickers

Funnily enough, one of the earliest things that got me interested in joining the planner community was the Lilly Pulitzer print planners. Never bit the bullet in getting one though. At the time I first heard about them, I barely used/finished any planner. I didn’t know decorating your planner was even a thing!

Finally figured out a way of adding those lovely prints to my planner in a way that works for me. Full-size EC box stickers. Decorative, and also pale enough to write on!

lilly box


Aussie Xmas – free printable stickers for Erin Condren style

N.B: I’ve recently found out that classic Happy Planner and Erin Condren boxes have the same measurements. Can anyone tell me if this is right?

I’ve been an Aussie for some time now (almost 10 years!). I think I’ve gotten used to most of the culture now…. sadly I do miss having cold Xmasses which is what we had back in the UK. Although where we lived there was rarely any snow….

Still, it seems that there aren’t all that much Erin Condren stickers out there catering to us ladies in the Antipodes – most I’ve seen have snow…which we definitely don’t get at Xmas!

I did see some really cute polar bear and penguin, with summer fruits and ice creams,  washi tape at Daiso…but we still don’t have polar bears!

So decided to bite the bullet, and make my own….

N.B.: Print A4 to get the right measurements for the classic EC


Free Printable (sticker) daily timetable for personal planner – fits Erin Condren

Right now I’m very much of a daily to-do list person, but now and again I am thinking I might be more productive scheduling my time. As I don’t want to give up on my scrapbooking fun entirely, I decided to make myself a spread for just timetables that I can turn into stickers and add to my pages whenever I want.

I made these for the A4 sheet, is printable for 1 week’s supply (as that’s all I could fit onto it).


Tarina Tarantino Barbie Erin Condren free sticker Printable

I’ve long had a love/hate relationship with Barbie for as long as I can remember. Admittedly my first ever “pretty” doll was a Barbie Swan Princess one…. that being said, mine have all been given ridiculous makeovers over the years…. anyone else did this too?

That being said, I still like looking at Barbie stuff even though I no longer collect or play with her.

Ever since I discovered Tarina Tarantino though….always loved her stuff. It’s way too expensive to get here in Australia, but a girl can dream, right?

Been on a bit of a Tarina Tarantino image kick lately, so decided to create these printable stickers for my favourite Erin Condren spread 🙂

tarina barbie


“Cat Bat” Halloween stickers (Erin Condren)

I can’t believe that it’s taken me so long, but I feel I might have finally found my “spirit animal”…the “cat bat”….”bat cat”? Basically she’s a cat with bat wings, which I think is the cutest thing EVER!

I remember back in high school, my mum once got me a notebook that had a cat with fairy wings on the cover (they were all the rage back then), but I didn’t love it enough to keep and wound up giving it away.

This pretty girlie is so much more ME. Not only because I love flying foxes and bats!

On another note, I’ve realised that one of the things that will encourage me to use my notebooks more is adding stickers…so…I made another spread. This time to show my love to the “bat cat” and witches.

NB. Still on a bit of a Erin Condren kick, so the image width is perfect for the Erin Condren planner boxes



Erin Condren Vintage Playboy Free Printable – 28/09/17

Today marks the death of the founder of men’s magazines, Hugh Hefner.

Admittedly the only impact that Playboy has had on my life is the popularity in the UK of Playboy fashion in the late 90s…. that and the fact that The House Bunny movie happens to be one of my guilty pleasures.

So in honor of his death, I’ve created this printable…. it seems that the Playboy magazines from the 1950s actually are pretty “classy”…



Erin Condren Week at a Glance Free Printable

I’ve been a fan of the Erin Condren style planners for a long time now. Unfortunately as an Aussie, they are really hard to get hold of.

At the same time, I love the fact that ring binders let me switch my pages around. And the convenient size that is the a5 planner….

So…thanks to a bit of the good old DIY box/table creation feature in Microsoft word, I decided to create this printable for myself. Especially as A4 paper is so easy to get hold of 🙂

NB it seems that the A5 is quite a bit smaller than the official Erin Condren pages, so the spread doesn’t have quite the same layout/boxes

To assemble: 1) fold in half 2) cut along the middle  3) punch holes

erin condren a5